Single biggest problem in communication is Illusion, if it did happen. Whereas Execution does leave a mark of its action. Brand Cup is about impressions of its work executed in style and with perfection.

Evolved and powered with expertise plus the decades of experience, from Laxya Productions. One of the finest and pioneers of Production in stream of advertising commercial works.

Through all these passing decades we have dedicated ourselves to ensure our clients happiness, because if they are not so are we.

Seemant Thapliyal (Director)
Fun loving but meticulous with eyes that shape perfection and comes from a fashion designing background

Aveinsh Dabral (Director)
A visualizer and person who never gives up to time, rather shapes time with his experience. Positive thinking and progressive approach are his assets.

K.K.Batra (Director)
Consistent, sincere and the brain behindĀ  the logistics that makes things looks easier than they seem to be.